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Tesseract is a compelling, cooperative dice-manipulation game for 1 to 4 players. The focal point of the game is a block of 64 dice, the Tesseract, which sits at the center of the board on a raised platform. Players will remove cubes to place in their individual labs, transfer them as needed to others, adjust the cube's values and, importantly, isolate the cubes into the containment matrix, neutralizing them. To contain a cube a player must have in their lab 3 or more cubes all of one value (a Set) or in sequence (a Run), either all of one color or having none of the same colors. By filling the containment matrix completely (24 total unique dice) they will stop the reaction and win the game. But if the Tesseract has its last cube removed beforehand - or if 7 breaches occur, the game is lost and our world ceases to exist.

Players: 1 - 4

Playing Time: 60 - 60 Minutes


  • Dice
  • Puzzle
  • Science Fiction


  • Action Points
  • Cooperative Game
  • Set Collection
  • Solo / Solitaire Game
  • Sudden Death Ending
  • Variable Player Powers

Complexity: 2.5/5

Year Released: 2023