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Canvas: Reflections Expansion

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Paint from a new perspective! In Canvas: Reflections, the artistic puzzle has a new layer -- Mirror Cards! These reversible cards add deeper strategy, and also give you increased flexibility to string together combinations of Elements. Additionally, the new board offers a wider selection of Art Cards that allows you to better plan ahead and presents more choices even when running low on Inspiration Tokens.

  • NEW PERSPECTIVES AWAIT: Expand your artistic journey with Canvas: Reflections. This expansion adds Mirror Cards, introducing deeper strategy and creative possibilities to the original game.
  • MIRROR THE CREATIVITY - Discover the unique gameplay of Mirror Cards, reversible cards that offer increased flexibility to combine Elements and unlock stunning combinations in your artwork.
  • ENHANCED STRATEGIC PLANNING: The new board provides a wider selection of Art Cards, empowering you to better strategize and plan ahead. Make informed choices even when Inspiration Tokens are scarce.
  • GOLDEN OPPORTUNITIES: Earn Gold Bonus Ribbons by aligning specific Elements next to Gold Bonus icons. Utilize these ribbons to gain extra rewards and enhance your scoring potential.
  • FRESH CHALLENGES AND REPLAYABILITY - Experience new puzzling dynamics with the introduction of unique Scoring Cards. Engage in fresh challenges that will test your strategic thinking and creativity.

    Players: 1 - 5

    Playing Time: 30 - 30 Minutes


    • Card Game
    • Expansion
    • Puzzle


    • Increased Value of Unchosen Resources
    • Set Collection

    Complexity: 2.0/5

    Year Released: 2022