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Bardsung: Legend of the Ancient Forge (Ding & Dent)

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Inspire songs and live your legend in Bardsung: Legend of the Ancient Forge, the highly anticipated cooperative RPG dungeon explorer from Steamforged Games. Become a songworthy hero in Bardsung: Legend of the Ancient Forge, the cooperative dungeon explorer board game for 1-5 players. Players take control of a ragtag band of budding adventurers exploring a mysterious Ancient Forge to uncover the hidden secrets within. Beginning with just one tile, their adventures will effortlessly unfold into legendary campaigns of characterful heroes, dangerous enemies, challenging puzzles, and valuable treasure. With multiple endings, evolving card decks, classless hero customisation, immersive storytelling, and branching paths, no two Bardsung campaigns are the same!

Players: 1 - 5

Playing Time: 60 - 90 Minutes


  • Adventure
  • Exploration
  • Fantasy
  • Fighting
  • Miniatures


  • Action Queue
  • Action Retrieval
  • Campaign / Battle Card Driven
  • Cooperative Game
  • Critical Hits and Failures
  • Deck Construction
  • Dice Rolling
  • Events
  • Grid Movement
  • Map Addition
  • Narrative Choice / Paragraph
  • Once-Per-Game Abilities
  • Role Playing
  • Solo / Solitaire Game
  • Storytelling
  • Variable Player Powers

Complexity: 3.0/5

Year Released: 2022