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Unfair (Ding & Dent)

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***This product is damaged. Damage may include, but is not limited to, dings, dents, crushed corners, punctured boxes, etc. All sales are final. This product is sold as is and may not be returned or exchanged for any reason.***

Unfair puts you in charge of building the city’s best theme park, whatever it takes. But watch out – your competitors may pay off safety inspectors to close your rides or hire hooligans to vandalise your park! Build wisely and protect your park to make sure you come out on top! Mid weight strategy gamers looking for flexible and strategic gameplay and unparalled replayability. Great for couples and regular game groups.

Players: 2 - 5

Playing Time: 50 - 125 Minutes


  • Card Game
  • City Building
  • Economic


  • Hand Management
  • Income
  • Loans
  • Open Drafting
  • Set Collection
  • Take That
  • Turn Order

Complexity: 2.5/5

Year Released: 2017