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In The Footsteps Of Darwin

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Twenty years after his expedition around the world, Charles Darwin is writing On the Origins of Species. He wants to gather new information about animal life, particularly about continents he hardly explored. Who other than young naturalists, eager for discovery, could help the renowned scholar finish writing his most famous work? Players are junior naturalists who have just arrived aboard the Beagle to help Charles Darwin finish his book On the Origin of Species. During this journey, you will study animals, carry out cartographic surveys, publish your findings, and develop theories. Your goal is to score more Victory Points than your opponents to determine who contributed the most to the Origin of Species!

Players: 2 - 5

Playing Time: 20 - 30 Minutes


  • Animals
  • Educational
  • Nautical


  • End Game Bonuses
  • Open Drafting
  • Pattern Building
  • Tile Placement

Complexity: 1.5/5

Year Released: 2023